Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wrong Paint Color!!

Well, yeah, we're still painting the kitchen....Week 2...I painted the door leading to the basement, and guess what....with the wrong paint!!!!!! When we bought our paint for the trim, we also bought Travis some paint for some touch-ups in his room. Well, his paint is white and our paint is honeymilk, which is almost white. I had made a comment while I was painting that this looked really white, but I didn't check the paint can. Finally, after I finished, Hubby checked it and told me the bad news....then I told him the bad news that he could re-do it, cause of course it's his fault!!! Well, I am getting new hardware out of it. I just can't put that ugly old brass door knob back on....So now I'm in search of something pretty (I say, with an eye-roll from Hubby).


  1. Gina,

    I can hardly tell the difference! Maybe it is the pics. I always tape my paint sample strip to the can. That may help!

    Sorry you have to go through the extra work!


  2. OH, Gina... what a nightmare to get all the way to the end and realize it! I made my painters repaint the columns on our house because the color wasn't right. Thankfully, they needed two coats, and thankfully, the color wasn't too far off... but I understand EXACTLY what you feel like!


    Sheila :-)

  3. What a bummer...We have to get paint today for our chair rail we're putting up this weekend. Pray this doesn't happen to us. Happy fixing!!!