Tuesday, June 29, 2010

White Wednesday - Flower

I recently bought this flower arrangement at Kirkland's. I don't know if everyone has a Kirkland's, but it's one of my favorite stores, especially when they are having a sale! Every so often they will put green stickers on items that are on sale and then an extra 25% off of them. Well, I only paid $6.00 for this arrangement!! I was so excited. I had to look at the price tag twice just to make sure. I really don't have that much white in my house, but I couldn't pass this up. It did brighten up my table though. For more white lovelies, please visit Faded Charm.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Nifty Thrifty Tuesday

I'm participating in Nifty Thrifty Tuesday over at Coastal Charm. Yesterday on my way to church I saw this shutter laying in the road. I stopped to get it and Hubby thought I had absolutely lost my mind. Of course, he was the one who had to get out and get it. When he put it in the car, he said that it was broken (which gave it more character) and dirty (nothing that a water hose couldn't wash off). So I brought it home, cleaned it up and set it in a corner in the kitchen. I had this small chair with my bear, that my second grade boyfriend gave me, (yes, that means it's really old) and put a mason jar with some sand and an electric candle in it. I love finding free items laying in the road.....LOL!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mantel Change

I decided to change my mantel again! This time I have been decorating for the 4th of July. I love the big flag. It's actually a canvas so it's very light-weight. Hubby was glad to see the other picture go, because he thought it was too big for the area anyway. I told him I felt sure that it was going back up there after the 4th, so not to put it in the basement where he couldn't get to it again!! For more changes please visit Between Naps on the Porch and get some wonderful ideas from all of the talented ladies!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pink Frame

Today I decided to participate in Pink Saturday over at Beverly's blog - How Sweet the Sound. Afterall, pink is my favorite color. I have pink dresses, pink shoes, pink jewelry, and pink nail polish, but when I started looking around my house....I have no pink in my decorating motifs! Then I remembered this frame that I recently purchased at Home Goods. Did I mention I LOVE that store? It says "The Girls" on it. I saw it and just had to have it, but my first thought was where am I gonna put it! I brought it home and put a picture of me, my sister and my mom in it and it has been several places in the house. But I just loved it for the color and for what it said. I think I need to incorporate more pink in my house....the guys would love that!!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mulch Day

I don't know about where everyone else lives, but it has been soooo hot here. I'm talking about 96 and 98 degrees!!! I think that this is a record for being this hot in June. It feels like August already here in the South!!! Anyway, we've been working on our backyard and decided to mulch an area right behind the house, because it was getting too hard to get to it with the lawnmower. So one Saturday Hubby, Travis and myself decided to get started on it. I hauled the mulch and they did the spreading. It took us ALL DAY, but I do think that it looks much better. We'll have to plant some trees this fall and make it even prettier, but for now flowers will have to do. For more outdoor pics, please visit Susan over at A Southern Daydreamer.