Monday, June 28, 2010

Nifty Thrifty Tuesday

I'm participating in Nifty Thrifty Tuesday over at Coastal Charm. Yesterday on my way to church I saw this shutter laying in the road. I stopped to get it and Hubby thought I had absolutely lost my mind. Of course, he was the one who had to get out and get it. When he put it in the car, he said that it was broken (which gave it more character) and dirty (nothing that a water hose couldn't wash off). So I brought it home, cleaned it up and set it in a corner in the kitchen. I had this small chair with my bear, that my second grade boyfriend gave me, (yes, that means it's really old) and put a mason jar with some sand and an electric candle in it. I love finding free items laying in the road.....LOL!


  1. Great shutter. Love the color of it. I recently did a something with shutters as well.

    Visiting from Coastal Charm.

  2. Luv your FREE shutter...great color! Thanks for coming to my party...hope you are having a fUN time! Don't forget to enter my COASTAL GIVEAWAY:)


  3. Hi Gina,

    I wandered onto your blog via Linda's Nifty Thrify meme & I'm have some wonderful photos & ideas & your are also drop-dead GORGEOUS! (all the women in your family are) I just spent an hour strolling through your blog & I am now your newest follower.


    p.s. Stop telling people you are old!!! LOL
    You're a baby!

  4. me again. Gina, would you please go to my blog & email me? Just click on "Rettabug" gadget. I have a question for you & I don't see any place to contact you on your blog.


  5. Visiting from Coastal Charm - what a great curbside find!

    Love finding other Carolina girls in blogland :)

    Mary Ellen

  6. You gotta love a free shutter in the road! Way to go! Linda

  7. Love it!!! I also love the color. Was it already that color? Perfect!

    I think I have a shutter fetish!!! As luck would have it, the previous owners removed 3 sets from our windows and left them in the attic. I have one pair framing a window upstairs (will show eventually on my open house week posts) and one single one hanging on the wall of our bathroom.