Tuesday, June 29, 2010

White Wednesday - Flower

I recently bought this flower arrangement at Kirkland's. I don't know if everyone has a Kirkland's, but it's one of my favorite stores, especially when they are having a sale! Every so often they will put green stickers on items that are on sale and then an extra 25% off of them. Well, I only paid $6.00 for this arrangement!! I was so excited. I had to look at the price tag twice just to make sure. I really don't have that much white in my house, but I couldn't pass this up. It did brighten up my table though. For more white lovelies, please visit Faded Charm.


  1. Love the vignette. So pretty and the white flowers are just gorgeous. I love the urn too. It looks fantastic. Great price!!! Hugs, Marty

  2. Hi Gina-
    Your arrangement is lovely and above all a great bargain.
    I love that don't you?

    I enjoyed visiting,


  3. Hi Gina,

    It's always so nice to find a great bargain!


  4. Hi Gina!
    The white flowers look so nice, what a great bargain! Gotta love Kirklands...and their sales!!!
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog too, I really appreciate it! =)

  5. What a deal! I love Kirklands too! Thanks for your visit, have a great day.
    Kristin :)