Monday, March 30, 2009

Grandma's Cookie Jar

This is my Grandma's cookie jar that I inherited, or stole according to my sister, but anyway.....Grandma would bake these huge sugar cookies for Tina and I almost everyday. This cookie jar is where she always kept them, so after school we would rush to the cookie jar for one or most of the time two cookies. She never wrote down the recipe and Mama has tried several times to recreate it, but she still hasn't mastered the recipe. As far as we know, it could be the very same, but somehow things just tasted better when you were little. I know you don't belive me, because Grandma passed away 29 years ago, but I promise you, that cookie jar still smells like those cookies!


  1. Isn't it lovely to have these links to the past!

  2. Aww what sweet memories!

    {{Big Hugs}}


  3. How sweet...My mawmaw would make everyone a cake for their birthday, NO one can make that cake.. Like you said it might be the same, but it just taste different.I guess the love is just not there. Come by and visit, I am giving away a pair of Crocs for the spring...

  4. that is a great story...and how cool to have a piece of that history..right there in your very own kitchen!!! Awesome!