Thursday, March 26, 2009

Easter Marbles

These look like eggs but they're actually marbles. They were my Grandpa's when he was little, so they are probably 100 years old by now. Imagine that! I've never seen marbles this big. They measure about 1 1/2", except the small blue one. My aunt was going to throw them away, but I asked for them...Lucky me!!

I love the sound of marbles
scattered on the worn wooden floor,
like children running away in a game of hide-and-seek......
Max Mendelsohn


  1. Wow! I love your little spring Vignette! I can't believe my eyes when I look at those marbles - super cool!

  2. Gina, that is so sweet that you have your grandfather's marbles, and no, I've never in my life seen marbles that size! I bet he won every marble shooting contest with those! :-)

    Do I spy the Target white birds in the vingette on your header??? I think we all need to take a picture and use them as our headers one week. I saw them on someone's table, and I just had to have a pair, too! Next you need to get "bunny on a stick" from Pier I... they are little topiaried bunnies on a rustic stick that you can use on a wreath, on a table, or wherever your imagination takes you!


    Sheila :-)

  3. that is awesome...I can't believe she was gonna throw them away...I love items from the can just imagine the story behind them!!!!