Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Three or More Tuesday

I am participating in Three or More Tuesday on the Gypsy's Corner. I bought this canister set at Kirkland's back in my traditional decorating days and I started to put them away when I started my redo. Instead, I just tied some fabric around them and tried to "countrify" them. Hope it worked! They are usually filled with chocolate but not anymore. I need to make a run to re-stock.


  1. They are pretty, and thumbs up on the countrifying touches!

  2. I think they are great and look good all grouped together on your counter. Yum filled with chocolate would be fabulous :0)

  3. Hi there...I popped over for Tam's Three or More. Your canisters are pretty and could be filled with all sorts of things. I'm afraid if I filled my canisters up with chocolate, they would be empty VERY quickly!

  4. Very clever! I love those, and mine would be empty, too, if there was chocolate anywhere nearby.

    Happy 3 or More Tuesday...


    Sheila :-)

  5. Very country and very cute!

    Roberta Anne

  6. I love those canisters and they look very countryfied to me. What wonderful entry for Three Or More Tuesday. Thank you for participating and sorry that I'm so late visiting today it's been one of those crazy days.
    Have a great evening,