Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Toy

Look at my new "toy" I bought yesterday. I love it!!! Several drawbacks though...I had to use Hubby's contract which was the only one that was up for renewal. When I did that I had to take over his number which now I have his work calling ME and I had to get him a new number, which he is so THRILLED about, because he has to call all those people with his new number. Sorry Hubs! Then the iphone comes with its own sim card, so now I have to put all of my numbers in my new phone instead of just transferring them over. But I guess it will be worth it. Right now I'm lovin' it!! I've already ordered me an Ed Hardy cover for it. I'm lovin' me some Mr. Ed.....can't wait until it comes. I'm very impatient!


  1. We know what you'll be doing this weekend!!! Have a good one. . .

  2. OH...I want one of least I just got myself a new Ed Hardy swimsuit! Sean one that is similar too...we cute! =) LOL!

  3. My son has one and he LOVES it! There is a prgram called "SHAZAM" you can get and you can hold the phone up to the radio in the car, and it can identify the name of the song, artist and album. Where was that when I was in High School? Have fun!