Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Earbobs - That's what my Grandma used to call earrings. I was cleaning out my earring boxes and found these. Just about the only time that she wore her earbobs was on Sundays to go to church. Each day she was in the kitchen cooking, canning and baking with her apron on. But on Sundays, everyone always wore their best to church. For her, that meant putting on her earbobs and necklaces. I also found my Grandpa's cuff links and tie pin. Any other day, you could find him working in the garden. But they always dressed up on Sundays. Now everyone wears what they want to, from dresses to jeans, which is fine too. But when I saw these, they just took me back to years ago when my sister and I would go through all of Grandma's jewelry that she kept in a long table and try all of it on and pick out our favorite pieces. Please go by and visit Chatting at the Sky more everyday inspirations.


  1. I love jewelry with a past and a story...hose are the best!

  2. ....I meant THOSE....spell check!!!! =)

  3. I can't wait to see your kitchen too, thanks for stopping by to see me! how pretty you and your twin sister are.

  4. Gina,

    Sweet memories! I love hearing everyones's stories about their grandparents but I don't remember mine, I just see pictures. They were both always wearing aprons over dresses with high heels and pearls on WHILE cooking and cleaning! Well, I guess once I decide to swap my sweatpants for jeans and put on some make~up, I might look overdressed for another day of laundry! LOL!!

    Have a great week! :-D