Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bird's Eggs

This is what happened to me yesterday morning: I'm pulling in the parking lot at work and there is a squirrel running up the drive in front of me with a bird on its back. Of course I'm thinking of all days not to have my camera with me! I pull in my parking place and watch them. The squirrel is running and the bird is on his back flogging him. The squirrel runs up a fence and then jumps in a tree and the bird is right behind him. The squirrel runs way up high in the tree and of course the bird is right there, but then the bird flies away. I'm thinking now that's the weirdest thing I have ever seen. A few minutes later one of my co-workers comes in my office holding a blue egg. She said look what I found in the parking lot. Wonder were it came from because there are no trees in the parking lot. I said oh my gosh....that squirrel must have had that egg and that's why the bird was so upset. So we went outside and looked around where the squirrel had run from and we found a nest in a bush. I don't know if the egg fell out or the squirrel climbed in after it. At lunch I went home and got my camera and came back and took this picture. I love the color of these speckled eggs. I don't know what kind of bird it is. I think it was a grey color because it flew out when we approached the bush. We laid the egg in the nest hoping she would take care of it. We don't even know if it is hers or not, but I'm gonna keep a check on it. Anyway, I thought it was quite interesting.


  1. the egg was not cracked? Oh...I hope not! This is when the animal world makes me sad....because as much as I love one is always food or a predator of another animal....can't we all just get along? LOL! It is hard to remember that one animal cannot survive without the other....National Geographic channel is a huge reminder of that!

    hope that momma bird takes care of all those eggs...excited to see how the family turns out!

  2. Beautiful eggs. I am so happy this seems to have a happy ending and that you cared enough to go outside and place it in the nest. I love stories like this. Here's hoping the little egg's taken care of and hatches. I wonder if the squirrel took the egg by mistake? Hmmm? Glad I found your blog! Happy day.

  3. Gina,

    This is such a riot! Hooray for Mrs. Birdie!! These squirrels are devious (I get on rampages~they are always stealing my tomatoes in the summer!).

    I don't recognize the egg, maybe someone will. Keep us posted!! :-D


  4. What an interesting story. I've been finding some bird eggs in some strange places lately and I thought it was just the wind...but MAYBE it's Mr. Chatterer, the squirrel who's up to no good! Great story!