Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

While in Washington we visited Arlington National Cementary. They had put flags on ALL of the graves for Memorial Day. We watched the Changing of the Guard, which was very interesting. We also saw the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and John F. Kennedy's Grave with the eternal flame. Let's all remember the soldiers that lost their lives for our country as well as the one's that fought in the wars.


  1. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier...
    Throughout history, many soldiers have died in wars without their remains being identified. In modern times, nations have developed the practice of having a symbolic Tomb of the Unknown Soldier that represents the war grave of those unidentified soldiers. They usually contain the remains of a dead soldier who is unidentified
    Tomb of the Unknown Soldier-video

  2. If only Britain had a better attitude to our soldiers - we sem to have become a fractured society with little national pride.....