Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Grandma's Cabinet

This is David's Grandma's cabinet that we had stored in the basement holding paint cans and other items, until I found a place for it in the kitchen. David and Travis had to carry it all the way around the house and through the front door because it wouldn't fit up the basement steps. It's a good thing that I have 2 strong men around the house for all my "redecorating needs". (Thanks guys) I think it looks pretty good here. It just needs more "stuff" in it. I think I'll have to go shopping!


  1. Oh I like your cabinet....so nice! I keep my hubby and teenage son busy helping me "re-decorate" too! LOL
    Elaine :)

  2. I"m trying this again. I've been having a heck of time commenting here (bah!) The cabinet is wonderful and I'm sure it's very special to your family, having been grandma's.

  3. My son gave me an old Hoosier which was in a house he bought in Atlanta some years ago. I have never found room for it in the house, but it has been the handiest thing I have ever owned, I think. I keep it in the garage next to my second fridge, and it is where I unload the groceries. I store a lot of my baking pans in it -- things I don't use much. I wish I had the space to do what you did.