Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day 2009

This is Hubby's 21st year of being a father and still to this day he is the best daddy anyone could ever ask for. Here's why:

1. He has more patience than anyone I know, (especially with me) or Travis.
2. He hardly ever gets upset.
3. I stayed home with Travis until he was 12, and then I went back to work, but he was and still is a daddy's boy....even after I birthed him, fed him, took him every where to keep him entertained during the summer, took him to school, picked him up, helped with homework (best I could) and he STILL wanted his daddy!
4. When he was first born, Hubby couldn't wait to get home to him after work
5. He played with him, fed him his supper, played some more, gave him his bath, played some more and read to him and put him to bed. You can see by the pictures above that they still wrestle like when he was little.
6. We had an agreement when he was born, that since I didn't work, I would get up during the night with him during the week and he would get up on weekend's. NOT!! He got up with him during the night and when I woke up in the mornings, he had washed his bottles, refilled them and put them in the refrigerator for the next day.
7. He went to ALL the parent/teacher conferences at school. I don't think I ever went to another one after 3rd grade. There wasn't any need to because I could never get in a word.
8. He helped with ALL the homework, especially math (not my best subject).
9. Travis tells him way more stuff than he does me, and he can keep a secret!
10. He also spoils me as well: washes my car, pumps my gas, still opens my car door for me, goes shopping (sometimes just to carry the packages), eats my supper even if it's not his favorite, goes to chick flicks if I insist, and looks after me when I'm sick.

Like I said, he is the best father, and the best husband, in the world and Travis and I couldn't ask for any better than him, plus, Travis has inherited his really blue eyes.

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