Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pilot Mountain Peddlers

I got the pleasure this weekend of meeting one of my blogging friends in person. Well, I call her my friend, even though we have never met, but I do follow her blog, therefore I consider her my friend. She has a cute little shop not far from my house in a town called Pilot Mountain, here in North Carolina. The name of her store is Pilot Mountain Peddlers. If it sounds familiar, you might recognize it from the Andy Griffith Show as Mt. Pilot. Andy grew up not far from there in Mount Airy, NC. Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked. Her name is Tammy and she is just the sweetest person. Me, Mama and Tina went there this weekend and she has really cute stuff. If anyone lives near by you should definitely go visit her. The name of her blog is Pilot Mountain Peddlers. Please stop by for a visit. These are just a few items that I purchased there. The cabinet, the candle, the picture on top of the cabinet and the little picnic basket inside. Also the black shelf that I'm using for a candle holder.


  1. How neat you got to meet! And her store is really sweet. Love the things you picked up!


  2. If only I lived close enough to visit!! I'm looking forward to Thursday - my blogging friend Sarah (Circles of Rain) and her husband are coming to spend the day with us - it will be lovely to meet her, as we have become good friends through our blogs.