Monday, April 27, 2009

Met Monday

Today is Met Monday over at Susan's at Between Naps On The Porch. You should go over and visit all of the changes that have taken place in other blog lands. While I'm waiting on Hubby to finish painting the cabinets I thought that I would repot one of my plants. It's called a Schefflera plant. It's really quite pitiful looking, and I keep thinking that it's dying, but new growth keeps sprouting out. Normally, I wouldn't even mess with a plant like that, but this one is special to me. When I lived in Gastonia, my three friends, Sheila, Donna and Lynn gave that to me when my Grandpa passed away. That was back in 1991, so it's 18 years old! They were so special to me and I always think of them when I'm watering it. I really can't believe that it is still alive, but it is...maybe Grandpa has something to do with it! Anyway, it was in an ugly pot and I was tired of looking at it. Yesterday, while I was at Jerry's (where I go every Saturday), I noticed this huge pot and thought it would match my kitchen perfect, and guess what, it did! I think it looks so much better and hopefully it will thrive in its new container.


  1. Gina.. it does look much better in the new pot. Thanks for sharing the transformation and the story behind it.
    Have a Great Week.

  2. I like the new pot, and that plant has special meaning. Hey, at 18 years old, it deserves a chance! Linda

  3. The new planter really elongates and accents the shape of your plant much better than the old planter.

    Hope it lasts at least another 18 years :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  4. I love the pot! Forgive me for asking, but can you tell me where you found it at? It's really a one of a kind piece.
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving such wonderfully kind comments,

  5. Sorry I hit the send too soon. What is Jerry's?

  6. Gina, both pots are lovely, but the new one does go with your home more. Wow, an 18 year old schefflera! In the Philippines, we call those 5-finger plant and if you find a seven-finger one, it's good luck, but now most varieties here have 7 or more.

    Happy Monday!

  7. Hi Gina...thanks so much for your comment! Isn't it amazing what a new pot that is just perfect, can do?? I have been doing that exact same thing lately...and love the change. Spring! I always think Winter is my favorite..but..Spring is certainly coming in first this year. I love your kitchen!! Wow! The pot went perfectly!!

  8. LOVE your new planter. I try to keep plants alive also, and sometimes it works. lol Very sentimental and I'm sure your grandfather is helping. It looks wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  9. That's a lovely new pot, and how special to have a plant that has meaning for you.

    My sister and I and all our girls have Christmas cactii that were grown from cuttings of my Grandmother's huge legendary cactus. We treasure them.


  10. Stop by Linderhof, I have something from you.

  11. I like the new taller look in that space.

  12. Hi Gina....

    How sweet!!!!!!!! I can't believe it has been that long! Wow!

    Miss you!