Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

I went to the dentist today and this is what I got to look at while I waited patiently in the dentist chair.  All of the rooms have glass walls overlooking the tooth-pond, which is frozen at the moment.  The birds were everywhere, because they had just filled the bird feeders.  I especially like the cardinals.  Afterall, it is my state bird!  For more outdoor pics, please visit Susan at A Southern Daydreamer.


  1. Lucky you! Better to look at a lovely outdoor scene - with no less than FOUR birds! - than reading old magazines, hey?

  2. Oh the cardinals are beautiful. What a delightful view.


  3. what a view makes it almost worth going to the dentist (or maybe not)

  4. That was a great idea to put bird feeders out there and it does keep you occupied while you wait. Glad you had your camera. Have a great day.